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This event has been canceled.

The same conference will be held in Cincinnati October 6-7.  

We'd love to offer those who'd considered this conference in DFW a discount for the Cincinnati Conference of $100 off between now and May 15, 2015.  

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Many companies that begin a lean journey become frustrated when improvement projects that reap short-term results cannot be sustained.

This workshop will address the key components to a successful Lean Transformation that go well beyond the tools to how to integrate lean into an enterprise wide business system. It will address your own personal development as a lean leader resulting in changes of both your thinking and behavior so that you will be able to coach and influence this same change in others. As you learn to “coach the coaches” the resulting culture of problem solving will lead to a sustained transformation and business results. 


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Lean Development System

  • Employee Engagement that leads to long-term mutual prosperity
  • People Development/Team Development

Lean Management System

  • Daily Management Development System
  • Systematic Problem Solving
  • Achieve Business Goals

Lean Leadership

  • True North: Company Purpose, Vision and Goal Setting
  • Leadership Development (Servant Leadership)

Lean Work System

  • Foundational Processes: 5S, Standardization and Visualization

Michael Hoseus

Doug Herald


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