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Time & Eternity leads in personal and professional excellence through personal and professional development of people and organizations by teaching, coaching and applying the Time & Eternity operating system to the people who have a deep desire to have world class completeness in their personal lives and professional careers and Organizations that will changes processes, profitability, and employees for companies.

 We believe there is great hope for people to live a fulfilling, continuously improving and complete life with true personal purpose. Our mission is to change the lives of people for both time and eternity. We exist to provide a combination of Emotional, Personal, Spiritual, and Professional development for individuals and organizations.

Competitive Advantages

The founders of T&E are passionate about leadership and development of people. We believe strongly and have incredible experience in providing people with the tools and guidance in development and improvement. We believe that helping people articulate their personal set of core values, define their purpose in life and set a plan to fulfill those desires is a very big need in the world we live in.  With over 50 years of experience we have both learned by doing and understand the importance of teaching and developing people to take the next step in their personal lives. It is our belief that there are a lot of amazing people in life that have found themselves not understanding where they fit or what the next step might be. It is our goal to give them the tools, not only to take the next step in their personal or professional lives, but also give them the tools to hit their highest potential where by their lives and the lives of people they meet will never be the same.
Have you heard the terms "life coach," "leadership training," "personal development," "professional coaching," or "wellness," "business growth," etc..?  If you take those terms and mesh them together into one company, you get Time & Eternity with some extras.  

 - Our internet membership meets the needs of people interested in living a more complete life by learning and applying a few tools. The newsletter includes monthly encouragement with some specific details on challenges facing the majority of us on a daily basis.

​- Personal and Professional coaching is designed for the person that truly wants to take the next steps in their own personal and professional development. This for the person that has a high desire to improve their ability to lead and develop a stronger personal skill set.


Defining Goals

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